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As you know Nepal is a culture rich country with plenty of skilled craftsmen. The depth of these skills can be judged from the structure of so many shrines, temples, stupas spread all over the country and very highly concentrated in the capital city Kathmandu.

Craftsseller has been established to promote Tibetan and Nepalese religious and non religious handicrafts in the world with the intention of providing employment to craft makers and keeping alive the traditional work of craftsmen of Nepal. We do our best to maintain the high quality and standard of all our products. Most of our products are made by skilled craftsmen using the best raw material available. We have direct link with our craftsmen hence, we can fulfill our customer requirement by making custom ordered and custom designed products. Since we believe in quality maintaining, our products are ranked high by our past customers, many of whom show their satisfaction by referring their relatives, friends, well wishers visiting Nepal to drop in at our showroom. Our valued customers buy our products in bulk quantity and do reselling business in Nepal and all over the world.

We offer wholesale service of our products listed in our website. Since most of our products are hand made by our craftsmen there may be slight variations in the mentioned weights and sizes. We highly appreciate your inquiries, suggestions, feedback and queries regarding our products. We will try to respond to your queries and give you detailed information as quickly as possible.

With Best Regards and a hearty NAMASTE from the land of Nepalese people.

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